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Frequently Asked Questions

Boating Licensing

“The thing about the licences”


In many countries of the world you do not need a licence to sail a sailing boat. You can learn this step by step at our various events!  This experience can assist you in obtaining a type of licence when required.


In some countries you need a licence for boats above a certain size or with an engine above a certain power output. The respective national requirements are not harmonized – not even in the EU. However, a number of countries agreed on a basic level of competence in a UN Resolution called the “International Certificate of Competence” (ICC).  It is also a requirement for some charterers to prove your capability to manage a boat.


The ICC is a useful document to carry and will generally be accepted where proof of competence of pleasure craft is required, for instance if you want to charter a boat in the Mediterranean.


Our club does not run special courses or exams to obtain an ICC but we can help our members through the necessary procedures to obtain an ICC from respective national yachting associations.

Wind en Watersport Vlaanderen (WWSV)

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Fédération Francophone du Yachting Belge


Royal Yachting Association

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Deutscher Seglerverband/Deutscher Motoryachtverband

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I can't sail (yet). Can I still join?

Of course! All levels are welcome. There are plenty of experienced sailors in the club who will be keen to introduce you to sailing. We do not provide formal instruction, but can refer you to accredited sailing schools.

How can I become a member?

BISC membership is open to everyone. Check our website, fill out the membership application online and pay the – very affordable – membership fee. Done!

How regularly do I need to attend?

As much as you want – and, of course, you only pay for the events you join

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