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Operating Safety Guide

The BISC Operating Safety Guide is intended to promote a safe environment where BISC members can enjoy sailing. However, please note, it is every individual’s responsibility to work with others in achieving safety on the water as well as having freedom and fun.


These notes are a guide, they are not rules. BISC is a small informal club run by a chairperson and a committee. The organisation and the safe running of events lie with the organiser on the day. These guidelines and responsibilities will vary according to the event, its location and the abilities of the members taking part. Safety policies for dinghies, keel boats and yachts are similar.


The majority of BISC organisers have years of experience and some hold instructor or assistant instructor qualifications. The organiser has the authority to cancel or delay an event if he or she feels the weather or conditions are not suitable.

Responsibilities of the Organiser/Instructor

Prior to the event

  1. Circulate clear joining/meeting instructions to the venue.
  2. Give advice on personal clothing. Warm, dry clothing if weather inclement

On arriving at the venue

  1. Give a clear briefing.
  2. Decide who sails in what boat.
  3. Decide on individual sailing abilities.
  4. Nominate ” Skipper/Helmsperson” of each boat.
  5. Give short brief on sailing area and timings.
  6. Acquire an up-to-date weather forecast.
  7. Ensure that all crews are familiar with the boat/dinghy. On yachts, the nominated skipper will give boat/safety brief.
  8. Keep a count of how many people/boats are on the water. Arrange a time to return.
  9. Have a First Aid kit available, if not supplied by the venue/club.
  10. Do not overload boats.
  11. For dinghy sailing, establish if there is a power/safety boat on the water.

During the event

  1. Always make sure buoyancy aids/life jackets are available in dinghies/keel boats.
  2. Life jackets on yachts, regardless of the season or weather, and buoyancy aids on keel boats/dinghies are strongly recommended when sailing with BISC.

After the event

  1. Report to the committee any accidents or damage to boats or equipment.

Protection of children and vulnerable adults

For full details and guidance for the protection of children and vulnerable adults, please ask the club chairperson or safety officer before booking an event.

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