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WWSV insurance

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When you are a registered member of BISC and, through us, the Flemish sailing federation (Wind en Watersport Vlaanderen) your civil liability is covered  and you are insured against personal accidents while participating in our sailing, training and social events.


For this the Wind and Watersport Federation together with the insurance company NV ARENA, subscribes the following insurance policies:

  • legal assistance (contract number 1.102.169/1)
  • accident insurance (contract number 1.102.168)
  • civil liability (contract number 1.102.169)


The insurance is twofold:

  • The insurance provides coverage for physical injuries to the member/athlete in the practice of his sport.
  • The insurance covers the athlete’s civil liability for damage and personal injuries to third parties excluding the club’s own property & materials when his responsibility is engaged in incidents occurring while participating in BISC events

Who/What is covered?

All paid up members, for all BISC events taking place during the year membership is paid for.

The Club

Its members, directors, committee members, organizers,

Which activities are covered in the insurance

Cruising on sailboats and powerboats, water skiing, sea fishing, rafting, wind, beach and wave surfing, kite boarding as well all water sports and variants for as long as the activity is operated and organized by the WWSV and / or its affiliated clubs, both at home and abroad (worldwide). The travel to and from the activities organized by the federation and/or its affiliated clubs is also covered

What is meant by the term “ACCIDENT”

A sudden event for which the cause or one of the causes is beyond the control of the victim and those who have sustained a physical injury.

Up to which amounts are incidents covered

Physical injury :

  1. Death: €15.000,- as from the age of 5 years old.
  2. Lasting invalidity: €35,000- for persons that have not yet reached the age of 70 years old.
  3. Daily allowance for incapacitated persons :
    • Members up to 65 years: €30 – per day for a maximum of 104 weeks or two years.
  1. Medical Treatment and Funeral costs:
    • Treatments recognized and covered by the Belgian social security agency (RIZIV) up to 150% of RIZIV tariffs.
    • Treatments not covered by RIZIV up to €500, per incident.
    • During maximum 104 weeks or two years’ time.
    • Dental Prostheses: €150 – per tooth and max €600 – per incident.
    • Transportation of victims covered by the insurance up to tariffs used/accepted in Belgian labor law.
    • Burial cost up to €620,- per person.
    • Search and rescue costs up to €5,000-per incident.

Civil Liability: damages to third parties

  • Civil Liability for “Federation/ Clubs / Sport practices ”
  • Members :your personal of family civil liability insurance is called upon first.  The BISC/WWSV insurance kicks in for amounts/events not covered by your personal or family insurance.
  • Physical & bodily damages for an absolute maximum of: €5,000,000-  per incident and  €2,500,000- per victim.
  • Material damages for an absolute maximum of : €620,000- per occurrence.
  • There is a franchise of 125,- euro per incident, not covered by the insurance.

Events abroad: Assistance & Repatriation. Attention!

The medical expenses incurred abroad (transportation to hospital, in hospital itself, etc.) are insured but repatriation is not included in the general policy.


This “assistance coverage” for specific events organized abroad can additionally be subscribed with the insurance company  for  €0.74 per person / per day.  BISC does not usually subscribe this additional insurance when organizing events abroad!


The registration form can be found on the WWSV website.

Legal assistance

When the civil liability of the club or a member is involved, see coverage above.  If the club and/or  a member is charged with a criminal offense in relation to a club event, legal assistance will be limited to 12.400,- euro per incident.

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