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Summary of the policy

When you are registered as a member of our local clubs and also the Wind and Watersport Federation you are insured against accidents and civil liability during the practice of our sports.

For this the Wind and Watersport Federation together with the insurance company NV ARENA, provides the insurance policies which include the following cover:

– Legal (contract number 1.102.169/1)

– Physical accidents (contract number 1.102.168)

– Civil liability (contract number 1.102.169)

What guarantees?

The insurance is twofold:

– The insurance provides coverage in ‘’L.O.’’ (Physical injury to the athlete)

– and ‘’B.A’’. (Personal injuries and property damage to third parties excluding sports material)

Members of clubs:

They are insured in ‘’L.O.’’ and ‘’B.A’’. (See the insured activities)

The clubs:

They are insured in ‘’B.A.’’

Under ‘’club’’ is meant the club, its members and appointees (monitors, coaches, volunteer helpers, …)


If the volunteers are members: then they are insured as a volunteer in ‘’L.O.’’ and ‘’B.A.’’

If they are not members: then they are insured in ‘’B.A.’’  (they can be covered in ‘’L.O.’’ via the comfort insurance option).

What are the activities that are covered in the insurance?

The practices of cruising on sailboats and powerboats, water skiing, sea fishing, rafting, volleyball, board riding, (wind, beach and wave surfing, kite boarding) as well all water sports and variants operated and organized by the VYF and / or its affiliated clubs, for which VYF drafted rules and regulations have to be applied by the members when they are carrying out these activities, both at home and abroad (worldwide). The travel to and from the activities is included for members.

What is meant by the term “ACCIDENT”?

This is considered to cover “bodily injury”: namely a sudden event for which the cause or one of the causes is beyond the control of the victim and who has sustained a physical injury.

What is the cover for the insurance?

Physical Accidents
1. Death: €8.500-
2. Lasting invalidities: €35.000-
3. Daily allowance
– Members up to 65 years: €30 – per day
– Duration: 104 weeks
+ Additional option: €5.60 – per day (waiting time 30 days)
– From 65 years: Nil
4. Treatment costs
on the RIZIV scale + additional option €375 – per accident
– Exemption: nil
– Running Time: 104 weeks
– Dental Prostheses: €150 – per tooth / max €600 – per accident
– Transport costs: basic work accident insurance
as applied by art. 20 of the law of 25.06.1992 “L.V.O.”
5. Search and rescue costs: €5,000-per accident

Civil Liability:

– Civil Liability for  “Federation/ Clubs / Sport practices ”
– “B.A.’’- Family has priority!
-Physical body damage
– Absolute limit: €5.000.000-
– Limit per victim: €2.500.000-
– Material damage
– Limit per occurrence: €620.000-

Assistance Coverage – Repatriation. Attention!

The medical expenses incurred abroad (transportation to hospital, in hospital itself, etc.) are insured but repatriation is not included in the general policy.

This “assistance coverage” can additionally be subscribed through our travel program at €0.74 per person / per day.

The registration form can be found at the VYF website.

VYF Insurance – Club Policies:

Frequently we find that in combination with the VYF coverage for legally required insurance and public liability insurance, a number of clubs still have double insurance or lack some necessary insurances.  As a federation we are always prepared to check your policies so that as a club you do not have to pay double insurance or would run unnecessary risks. For more information contact us via alain@wwsv.be

VYF Insurance Seminars:

The secretariat VYF regularly answers questions regarding VYF offered insurance.
In collaboration with ARENA n.v. the VYF association organizes an insurance seminar at regular intervals during which Mr Van den Bosch, Managing Director at ARENA, expertly brings clarity to the insurance offering.
Presentation insurance seminar 2010 (link to details of presentations made in 2010)…

RIZIV – rijksinstituut voor  zichte en invalideit verzekering  (Royal institute for sickness and invalidity insurance)