BISC Committee

The 2018 members of the BISC Committee are:

Katrien Maes – Chair: chair@brusselsinternationalsailingclub.be

Roel Moens – Vice Chair, VYF/VZW officer: roel@brusselsinternationalsailingclub.be

Patrick Sinnesael – Secretary: sec@brusselsinternationalsailingclub.be

Sofia Lettenbichler – Secretary: sec@brusselsinternationalsailingclub.be

Hans Juergen Schmehr – Treasurer: treasurer@brusselsinternationalsailingclub.be

Susan Bird – Social Secretary: social@brusselsinternationalsailingclub.be

Kai-Uwe Sprenger – Chief Organiser: kai@brusselsinternationalsailingclub.be

Peter O’Reilly – Communications Officer: web@brusselsinternationalsailingclub.be

Leslie Seymour – Safety Officer: les@brusselsinternationalsailingclub.be

Michael Dunhill – Member: michael@brusselsinternationalsailingclub.be

Christa Forman – Member: christa@brusselsinternationalsailingclub.be

Are you a member and interested in joining the committee? Please contact Katrien Maes our Chair.